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      Application's universality of traditionally weldable materials in MIG, TIG and Plasma, even considered difficult.

      Total connection in all positions, absence of porosity, discrete and concave welding limiting the risks of notches and the "turtleneck" effects type.

      Visit our eshop.c2g.fr, the first online shop exclusively dedicated to stud and fixture welding techniques

      SOUDAGE INNOVATION C2G  is a dynamic team that is focused on serving your needs and helping you find the best-fit technical solution in real time.
      If necessary, our technical services team can travel to your workshops to carry out the testing and validation procedures required for the welding process.

      SOUDAGE INNOVATION C2G also offers the first online shop exclusively dedicated to stud welding techniques and welding fasteners: eshop.c2g.fr
      offering a wide range of welding equipment, welding studs and components using ARC (arc fusion forging), DEC (capacitor discharge) or SIG® (gas protected welding) processes accessible online and allowing users to easily and quickly obtain tools and consumables in the field of stud welding.

      C2G offers a range of studs for welding: studs for concrete anchoring, studs for refractory, studs for insulation, clips in galvanized steel, plastic clips, insulation needles, insulation nails.

      Our threaded studs, bushings, plain dowels and other welding elements are available in two materials:
      - Class 4.8 steel, with a carbon content suitable for welding, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 898-1.
      - Stainless steel suitable for welding A2-50 steel and in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3506-1

      The dimensions of the welding masks are indicated in a table of measurements in line or in caralogue. All sizes of standards are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13918. We can supply specifications upon request, after validation of the plan.

      Threading of the seeds to be welded: the nets are cold-rolled (tolerance limit 6g). For studs with a particular coating, the tolerance of 6h can be reached. We can also provide information on special threading.

      On request, copper or nickel-plated surface protection treatments are possible, with a coating layer according to DIN EN ISO 4042

      C2G also supplies solder stud ceramics, soldering gun accessories - mandrel, base holder, base plate - single or double solder lugs, steel balls, threaded bushings.

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